Ametistic wants to join you! :)

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Ametistic wants to join you! :) Empty Ametistic wants to join you! :)

Post  Ametistic on Mon Mar 23, 2009 9:33 pm

Nationality: Portuguese


Main character name: Ametistic

Main character class: Warlock

Main character level:73

Main character preferred spec: Demon

Number of alternate characters you want to bring in along Main: I have none for now Razz

Brief description of game experience: well i am not a very experienced girl, but i want to learn as much as can with all of you! i don't mind complaints as long as they are good and i can learn about my mistakes and others mistakes too!

WHy you want join us: i met 2 members of you're guild and they seemed really nice, so i guess the guild is really nice too Smile Oh and ofc for raiding, not for now, cause i'm 73, but really really soon Razz

Well i guess that's it! good luck for me Very Happy


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Ametistic wants to join you! :) Empty Re: Ametistic wants to join you! :)

Post  matteua on Mon Mar 23, 2009 9:46 pm

I met Amestic for a very long tour of nexus whilst tanking on my Nooby DK. Whilst chatting with her she was looking to sort issues out before they became problems. She was also friendly and fun and a competent player

I like the way that she has refered to the players of CoZ as being nice and therefore thinks that CoZ is going to be a good guild to be in. This is important as we are all people before we are players.

Although I do not fully know her yet and therefore cannot vouch fully for her, (she may mistreat her imp and keep him in a cupboard), I wish what I have said to be taken into consideration in her application

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